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Before we started with this trip I wasn’t convinced about educating kids on board. But after 1,5 year online school with support from teachers because of COVID-19 and a lot of information from other sailing/ traveling families we found the best combination via Wolsey Hall Oxford.

A flexible program BUT with professional support and monitoring from the school and teachers. Read more here and there is a great video on YouTube of other homeschooling parents who need this flexibility like top athletes, expats a d traveling families. We also chose to add Spanish to her curriculum through online lessons. Languages are FUN!

There are more resources and from Sv Sailing Gambler and Kids4Sail we received and the following tips are great!

Beast Academy maths (brilliant for age 8+). Excellent at teaching critical thinking, logic, problem solving.

Atoms & Elements including a ton of kitchen science for some

great home projects.

Explore and chose for example a volcano research project tied to Mnt. Etna trip.

Also for environmental and animal sciences projects watch David Attenborough Documentaries (Planet Earth / The Blue Planet etc) each week and then make a Creature Book based on choosing one species from each episode, researching them and then writing about them (life cycle / adaptations / food chain / diet / behaviour etc). It is a brilliant way to encourage natural writing and report writing.

I can’t tell what is the best solution but we always aim to meet other families in marinas for Lisa to play and have kids-time. For us the most important lessons of life are making memories with each other and see that there are so many cultures, other habits, nature and that a happy life comes from within and the beauty around us.

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